Defying fear

At 57, I'm just now beginning to understand how much easier my life has been simply because my skin tone is what the world considers white. I'm also just beginning to understand that some of what I have learned as fact throughout my formal education was outright lies or a good whitewashing of the facts. I'm also beginning to understand the greed and power of the wealthy. When people define themselves by their bank accounts and authority levels, enough is never enough. All these realizations make me profoundly sad.
Add to these the fact that I teach in the bible belt deep south (grammar nerds, I'm no longer dignifying either with capital letters), drive by several confederate flags on the way to school, and where I have to watch every. single. word. that. comes. out. of. my. mouth. or risk an infuriating, soul-killing conversation with a board of education administrator or risk my livelihood. 

But, guess what people. I'm tired of being afraid. I'm no longer going to allow fear to silence me in my life or in my classroom, and if that costs me my job, then so be it. 


  1. I love your ownership and courage! Best wishes on your journey ... You are the type of worthy ally that we need more of in the world today.


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