Something about the choice of words from GA Governor Deal's speech bothers me . . .

"There will be those who will resist change, preferring to defend the status quo. For after all, the status quo as embodied in QBE has been in place for the entire tenure of most teachers in our schools.
To those who are either inflexible or cynical, I would ask them to consider the words of former Prime Minister of Great Britain Tony Blair, who made the following observation, and I quote: “The scope, speed and scale of change demands that we educate students for a future vastly different from our past.”
The education of Georgia’s children is too important to be held hostage to a status quo that may feel comfortable to certain adults but is a disservice to our students."
Most teachers are not against change, or inflexible, or defenders of the status quo. I would say we are incredibly flexible and dislike maintaining the status quo. We, better than anyone, know the system needs to change. We just question the qualifications of the ones designing the changes and their motivations behind these improvements as well as the validity of the solutions.
When teachers and students are part of the solution, and the motivation is sincerely to do what is best for students, I promise any "cynicism" will disappear.
Teachers are the ones spending minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months with the children of Georgia. We know our students, we know what is best for them, and we do not like receiving directives from distant people, even the ones governing the system at the local level who do not know our students and who do not even care to visit our schools but maybe once or twice a year.
When we feel leaders really do care about our students as human beings, not just generators of test data to justify their jobs and pay increases, then oh how we will follow those leaders to the moon and back.


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