Comfort zones

Comfort zones can be very dangerous places.

Comfort zones look and sound like:

Teachers sitting at their desks more time than walking around their rooms.
"Four more weeks until our next break!"
"______ drives me crazy."
"Those teachers are complaining about broken copiers again."
Teachers complaining in hallways and workrooms about the hopelessness of some students.
"That's not in my job description."
"What does it matter if I'm a little late? _______ is late every day."
"I have been teaching this way for years and it works."
Students sitting in their desks the entire period working on seat work.
"If _____ refuses to show up for tutoring, then my hands are tied."
"I'm doing my part. It's not my fault if ________ sleeps in my class."
"How can I teach a student who never shows up?"
Students watching too many movies.
"Teaching to the test has destroyed my creativity as a teacher."
"Her parents are her problem."

Teaching is a battle, and if we are fighting this battle like a true warrior, then we definitely should be stepping out of our comfort zones every single day.


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