Chalkboard paint makes me happy

It is the last night of my week-long fall break, and I'm planning and grading, of course. Oh, I planned to grade assignments and develop and revise lesson plans all during the break. I really did. I envisioned a relaxed week inventing creative teaching strategies that would fully engage my students and change their lives forever, but . . . 

I went crazy with chalkboard paint and creative house projects instead, and loved every minute of it. My soul needed the break from school work, and my house needed my TLC. 

I painted this chalkboard wall in my kitchen last year:

My chalkboard paint projects during the break:

My husband has a small home office behind the bed, so I painted the back of the headboard and added a little wire basket to keep him organized.

Next, I painted the tops of two tables I found at a thrift store to use as nightstands in my guest room.

Last, I painted a chalkboard on the guest room wall and added printed quotes some of which I found at using washi tape.  

My dogs or husband better not be still for too long, or they will be covered in chalkboard paint.


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