No one really likes this word. Not teachers, not students.

For years, it has been used to glean the winners in society. Let's face it, that's really what it does. 

Now it will be used to glean the excellent teachers from the average ones, but will it?

I consider myself an excellent teacher. Could I improve? Sure, and I strive to do so. But I bring my A game 99% of the time. The other 1%, I bring my A- or B+ game.

So now I will be judged on student test scores, but what do I do with students who bring their C game, or their D, even F game? 

I work hard to create lessons with the right blend of interest, challenge, and fun. I provide various types of learning--seeing, hearing, doing activities. I grade fairly, I reteach when necessary, and I allow students to retest after remediation. 

I can lead the horse to water . . .

What do I do with students who have no interest whatsoever in my class and don't need it to graduate high school? 

What do I do with students who rarely show up for class or miss several days? 

What do I do with students whose primary goal is to sleep through my class (I'm not boring) no matter how many warnings and referrals they receive? And please don't say, "Contact the parent." 

What do I do with students who need extra help but refuse to come for tutoring?

For how much am I to be accountable exactly?

There will be about 5 test results from the year-end SLO that will reflect nothing about me as a teacher. Is that fair? 


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