Using new idea for planning

I don't know about you, but by the end of the school year I have a stack of mangled pieces of various sized note papers, some capturing one idea and others containing lists of new things I want to try next year. Not only do I have actual paper notes but I also have lists posted in Evernote and have sent myself several emails about new ideas. At my age I have learned if I do not write it down within 60 seconds of thinking about it, it will never happen. Eventually, I'm drowning in "ideas." 

I read a book titled Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck written by Jon Acuff. I started reading this book last December after the first semester of new state-mandated testing requirements and our new GA Teacher Keys Evaluation System was in full oppressive force, so I was ready to change careers. Thankfully, second semester was better, so I will remain a teacher for a little longer. 

Anyways, the author of the book suggests making lists of your skills and suggests writing each one on index cards for better organizing later. 

That inspired my new planning strategy. Instead of slogging through my tattered, disarrayed notes, I wrote each idea on a sticky note and gave it a heading such as Organization, Teaching Strategies, Lesson Ideas, Starters, or Assessment Strategies. Using this system, I am able to visually organize my notes on the wall which is next to my little home office. 
Apologies for the amateur, camera-phone photo.
As I am planning over the summer (no, I'm not by the pool every day sipping umbrella drinks, although that sounds wonderful), I can look at the notes on the wall, rearrange them, throw some away, write new ones, but most importantly, I can arrange them in order of importance, pick one to work on each day, and then throw away the note.

Works much better than that pile of jumbled notes, messy lists, or hanging out at a pool sipping umbrella drinks.


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