I'm having a hard time encouraging my Teaching as a Profession students to become government teachers. I have been showing them scenes from a BBC show about A.S. Neill's school in England called Summerhill and how it fought against OFSTED when it tried to close the school in 1999. One Neill quote: “The function of a child is to live his/her own life, not the life that his/her anxious parents think he/she should live, nor a life according to the purpose of the educators who think they know best”

I have been questioning whether I want to continue teaching, but I think I have realized it's not that I don't want to teach, but that I don't want to teach in a system in which I have to force round children into square holes anymore. School is a mild form a child abuse.

More Neill quotes: 

¨One evil of humanity is that we persist in telling children how to live. All our educational systems strive to mould them in the image of their elders, and the children in turn mould their children, and one result is a very sick world full of crime and hate and wars. The weight of this tradition is so heavy that only one man in a thousand can ever challenge or even want to challenge the morals and taboos of society. When such a challenger comes along, society will destroy him…¨

¨Our school´s chief function is to kill the life of children. Otherwise the Establishment would be powerless. Would millions of free men allow themselves to be sacrificed to causes they had no interest in and did not understand? Is the future of humanity one of slaves ruled by an √©lite of powerful masters?¨


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