Feel behind already and it's only Labor Day

Two things I don't like about my job: the start time (6:30) and THE feeling.

The start time is ridiculous, especially for a high school. Read http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2014/08/surprise-students-arent-getting-enough-sleep/379020/ and understand what all high school teachers have known for years. This is not news to us. 

It is only Labor Day, and I already feel behind and that I'm not doing enough. I work all the time and I work hard, but this is one career in which a person could work 20 hours a day and not feel like it's enough. Sometimes I wish I cleaned houses or something because then I would feel like I had finished a job and finished it well. I could stand back and admire the finished product. There are no finished products in teaching. Everything is a work in progress.


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